Thursday, 22 December 2011

My various loves are documented frequently throughout this blog: Robert Browning, Ben Whishaw's Hamlet, Ryan McGinley's liberal and topographical stills to name a few, but second to none is my love for the fashion house that is ChloƩ. If I conduct the same responsibility over my own funeral as Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, I suspect my gravestone might relay the following: Daughter, Friend, Lover of ChloƩ (&here's why:)

Cotton-voile shirt
Crepe shorts

Metallic ballet flats

et voila!
whilst the blackonblack with ballet flats may seem a simple and monotonous choice, i'd be hesitant to agree. I think a more habitual look may have been a chiffon or indeed S/S inspired dress but what we have above is a look which transcends well in to all seasons and flats which deviate ironically from the staple ballet flat and which add femininity and grace to arguably tomboy attire


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