Wednesday, 8 June 2011

the eternal allure of black and white (& red)

As I have documented more than once throughout this blog, I have been through a somewhat melancholy epoch in my life. However, things appear to be on the upturn. I have dragged myself out of my too frequently lived in, yet beautiful vintage sheets and have endeavoured to thrust myself back in to a life which previously made me content. Having spent over a year using my magazines as coffee coasters and as representations of my former, albeit real self; I once again feel completely inspired and thrilled by the pages between the covers, adorning clothes and the models bringing them to life. Two and a half years ago after watching the diving bell and the butterfly I was inspired by Matrieu Amalric's depiction of the editor in chief of fashion magazine Elle, Jean-Dominique Bauby, in red jeans. The image of him wearing them stayed with me for weeks until I eventually hunted some down...for £10. Arguably not the same ones worn by Jean-Dominique, then. After the jeans, came the dilemma of the jumper. After scouting ebay for months, I eventually found it. A cream, cricket style, pure wool jumper with classic diamond motif in red and black. I was thrilled then, to find that red in all its boldness is returning to the catwalks and to the streets of the cities playing host to the most prestigious of shows. Whilst the allure of black and white is habitual and well documented, red is often overlooked as a suitable, safe colour. Whilst unarguably bold, it complements the classic combination extremely well! Included are some (albeit small)examples of this exciting deviation from the classic black et white combo. Included (from top left) is Alexander Wang poncho with Alexander Wang shirt for a layered look, red sandro poete mid rise skinny capris, nautical black &white tee at Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, boots Marc by Marc Jacobs, and quilted handbag also Marc by Marc Jacobs.
If only...

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