Thursday, 17 December 2009

what of soul was left, i wonder, when the kissing had to stop

Robert Browning 1812-1889

fresh start

So here I am, a mere two months since my last post. I have resolved to blaming my lack of camera for my inconsistency with brightstar and not my lack of fervour since that is infact true and something soon to be rectified what with Christmas and my 21st looming (according to a nice 22 year old gentleman at le pub last week, it's all downhill from here, a sentiment which naturally did not sit too well with my Friday cocktail, aka a glass of whateverischeapestplease.) So now in the midst of winter, a season which for me means rading my drawers excitably for all those things I'd forgotten about and using them to layer up to the extreme, German beer and of course, Christmas jumpers and already next seasons lines are dominating the catwalks (wahey) Though a great lover of winter, its trends and general, well, cosiness, I must say it felt refreshing to see so many fresh, pastel colours gracing the catwalks and the pages of VOGUE. A self-confessed 'girlie-girl' (ick) a cynic might think this the only reason for my excitability but it really is so much more than that. Christopher Kane's line, for one is so well-formed; both angelic & alluring all at once. I admit, pink can be dangerous in the wrong hands and particuarly with the darker shades, it's not difficult to look like you're wearing curtains from your local Indian restaurant but in my (obviously expert) opinion, it has been done so well. The pale pink which dominates not only fits in to your winter wardrobe perfectly but slots equally well in to next seasons. Goodgirlgonebad when teamed with black lace and prettyinpink with fresh subtle make-up and the perfect pink blush. Christopher Kane mixed this trend with old faithful: gingham, and definitely accomplished the latter prettyinpink.
Not quite within my student (non-existent) price range, I'm settling for long lost secrets delving deep in the bottom of my wardrobe and maybe, just maybe the pink suede Topshop Unique jacket, with which I have had a deep love affair for almost a whole week now. It's really okay, I'm only a BA, an MA in Fashion Journalism and what I expect will be many, many years of being a dogs body, oh and not to mention £35,000 owed to student finance away from affording my very own Christopher Kane dress after sadly, his range for Topshop only served to disappoint.

Au Revoir