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pájaro tucán

I included the Bimba & Lola Toucan shirt (with which I am totally obsessed) in my previous post but have fallen so in love with the motif that I wanted to share some additional images. The toucan is of course largely associated with the Guinness brand and so Bimba & Lola's decision to adopt such an iconic image is arguably bold. This however is what I love about the brand: they have taken what is, lets face it, an incredibly 'unsexy' design concept and made it contemporary and wearable yet it is still distinct; as is the Bimba & Lola way. Clearly, they haven't looked to the Guinness brand and brazenly fostered their quirky motif; rather their designs seem to be the result of what is a charcacteristically youthful (their design team are all under 30) and even subconscious awareness of popular culture and thus of what their audience, of what the Bimba Girl really wants...
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Bimba Y Lola

Of late, I have become utterly obsessed with Spanish brand Bimba & Lola. Their idiosyncratic aesthetic charms with its playful yet feminine designs and creative director Roman Lata says the Bimba girl is similarly hard to resist: "She's well-cultured, she loves reading and travelling," said Lata. "She exists for herself and isn't swayed by others; she's very sociable, but is happy to be by herself; she's intelligent and doesn't want to be defined by what she wears. She understands fashion, and has good taste. She's pretty special." I have included some of my favourite looks from the S/S 15 catalogue below- adiós.