Saturday, 9 June 2012


To this day, whenever I stumble upon, or indeed seek out those first photographs of Kate Moss shot by the late Corinne Day, I am aghast at her palpable beauty. I am so frequently questioned by my peers, particularly men about the allure of Moss. “Why is she so famous?” “Her teeth are disgusting!” and the most shocking “She’s ugly.” In a society where ‘beauty’ is so accessible: you can purchase a sun kissed glow in minutes, whiten your teeth for pennies and those cosmetics which in decades gone by might have been reserved for the wealthy, the IT girl or the famous are indubitably cheap by modern standards; perhaps then we have become disillusioned with natural beauty, there is no reverence placed upon it...It would appear that in the short time span between the 90s and the present day, we have forgotten a lot. At the beginning of the decade, we were still recovering from the residue left from the 80s: bad perms, dramatic make-up (more Dracula than Cindy Sherman) and even worse clothes; see leg warmers and spandex. So then, when Kate came along in all of her pure and paradoxically unique beauty, she revolutionised an era…A real Lolita. In my not so expert opinion, it is not Kate’s looks with which we find fault: it is easy in a society in which ‘free speech’ is both so encouraged and exercised to find fault with well, anything. It is then, less difficult to find fault with a multi-millionaire with unprecedented beauty and fame. Perhaps it is not Moss’ atypically British teeth, which we are dismayed at after all they are as aforementioned, a typically British statement. Perhaps we are all (myself included) guilty of putting such beauty on a pedestal, how could a figure with such chaste beauty take drugs and subsequently exhibit human error? Kate Moss is a British institution, up there with The Royal family, ”Harry Potter and David Beckham’s right foot” (Lolz.) If you’re ever in doubt as to why, just look up…

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