Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ossie Clark

The fashion world is currently in debate over the alleged 'return of Ossie Clark.' I have always been an admirer of Clark and his collaborative work with Celia Birtwell, his once wife; and to this day, Clark's original pieces are sought after amongst the Vintage Glitterati. It comes as a shock then that high street department store, Debenhams are to launch a new brand under the designer's name in 45 of their stores. Principally as Clark died some sixteen years ago and neither Clark or Birtwell have authorised the rebrand. What's more, Debenhams, which is the biggest and indubitably , most advertised department store in the UK doesn't seem a fitting platform on which to 'relaunch' what was such a niche brand. Most importantly though, they have done little justice to the eminent designer in that the designs which are being launched under Clark's name are seemingly horrific. At this stage with only two photos of the design having been published, I'm willing to keep an open mind and my fingers crossed that justice is done both for Ossie and the Clark family; it would after all be criminal to utilise the accredited name of a dead designer to simply make cash whilst not paying homage to his raw and exceptional talent.

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